Choose your wedding location anywhere in the world while having your marriage legally recognized in Quebec.


Ensure that your heirs will be free of any additional stress in the management of your estate.


Peace of mind knowing that your property purchase is legal and financially protected.

Estate Settlement

Be assured that your estate is administered  and settled properly.

Power of Attorney

Help make the best of a difficult situation.

Non Contentious Proceedings

Your notary representing you in court.

Civil Union & Common Law Union

Know your rights living in a common law union.

Authentication of Documents

Notarize your documents with us to certify a true copy and/or be witness of.



Ensure that your wedding is recognized in the Province of Québec

Your wedding day is nothing short of a milestone and should thus be commemorated in a way that suits your every wish. A Notary has the authority to solemnize civil marriage and can in turn act as an officiant to your wedding celebration. Having Lamarre & De Riggi perform your marriage celebration allows future spouses the freedom to choose their wedding location. In addition, Lamarre & De Riggi will tailor the content of your ceremony to meet your particular desires.

If you should decide to get married abroad, in many cases it is legally required that you do so here in Québec first. A Notary is qualified to legally wed you and your future spouse so you are able to celebrate your matrimony overseas. Moreover, it is important to note that a Notary is authorized to perform civil marriage of same sex couples.

Weddings are among the most treasured events in a person’s life. No matter the type of wedding celebration, Lamarre & De Riggi can meet your personal needs and help honor this momentous occasion.


Ensure that your last wishes are met

A will drafted before a Notary is considered an authentic act and need not be probated by a court. A will prepared by yourself will need to be probated by a court which will be more time consuming and costly for your loved-ones upon the opening of your estate. In order to ensure post mortem protection over your assets, notarial wills are drawn up with utmost precision and legality. Wills signed before a Notary specifies the division of assets and particular bequests of the legator minimizing the financial impact of your passing on your heirs.

There is much more to drafting a will than the mere allocation and distribution of assets. If drawn up by yourself, there is a high risk of overlooking particular legal conditions and doing so could pose future problems to your legatees in the advent of your passing.

A Will prepared by Lamarre & De Riggi will ensure that your last wishes will be met and that your heirs will be free of any additional stress in the management of your estate.


Ensure legal and financial protection

Purchasing a home can prove to be quite the endeavor. Amidst the excitement of choosing a new home, it is crucial to know and understand what it is exactly that you are buying. It is a common misconception that a Notary simply prepares papers for you to sign. On the contrary! Notaries perform a number of important back checks to secure your protection. Legal and financial concerns tend to be particular to each and every situation. Notaries work to provide you with all the information and advice you need for the purchase of a given property.

A Notary ensures that:

All the pertinent documents including the property title and certificate of location are conform and properly examined to assure that there are no issues with the property itself;

The history of the property’s transactions have all been completed in conformity to the law;

All appropriate measures are taken to correct irregularities in the property title before you purchase;

There are no arrears on the property from seller;

The mortgage is prepared and drawn up in accordance with the instructions of the financial institution and respecting the terms of your agreement with them;

All funds are held in trust and no remitted to the seller until certainty that there is no adverse instriptions on the property once sold; and much more.

Legal and financial scrutiny conducted by the Notary prevents the occurrence of future problems for which you may be held accountable for in the future or upon resale. When it comes to the nitty gritty of buying a condo or property in general, property information and legalities can be quite overwhelming and their implications can be extremely difficult to fully comprehend. Lamarre & De Riggi sums it up and explains this important information to you.

Entrusting this work to Lamarre & De Riggi ensures that all checks and document drafting will be completed and signed to meet the deadline. Choose the right Notary for your property purchase to ensure not only legal and financial protection but above all, peace of mind.


Ensure that your estate is administered and settled according to the law

From communicating with beneficiaries, property transfers, taxation fillings and distributing assets, Lamarre & De Riggi will assist you in the completion of said formalities. A Notary will assure that your estate is administered and settled properly to meet all legal requirements.

Settling an estate can be an over-bearing and arduous task as liquidators/executors must follow the complexities involved according to the specific wishes of the deceased. Lamarre & De Riggi helps with the intricacy of estate administration and settlement and ensures that it is befittingly executed in concord with the law.


Make the best of a difficult situation

If you’re like many people, you may believe that if you were to become mentally or physically incompetent due to illness or accident, your spouse or partner could simply act on your behalf. This is not true. Without a court order or a general Enduring Power of Attorney, your family members could not manage your financial affairs. Your spouse wouldn’t even be able to access your financial accounts unless these were held jointly.

A “mandate given in anticipation of incapacity” can solve the problem.

It gives the individual(s) you name the authority to manage your affairs. It can be broad reaching in scope —covering all the things you would normally do—or it can be narrow (limited to bank accounts or investments only, for example).

You can also create a simple Power of Attorney/Mandate for a limited time, such as when you are away from home and require certain matters to be handled on your behalf. Other possibilities include an Enduring Power of Attorney that is narrower in scope (limited to bank accounts or investments only, for example) or Powers of Attorney for assets in different jurisdictions. It is very important for all these documents to be structured so that they “work together” so legal advice in their preparation is key.

Who to appoint as power of attorney/mandate

You can appoint an adult child, spouse, good friend, trust company or another family member as your Power of Attorney. You can also appoint two or more individuals and specify whether they need to act together (jointly) or if they can act together and separately (jointly and severally).

As with your Will, you should seek the help of a notary to create your Power of Attorney/Mandate to ensure it reflects your wishes and is legally effective.

What can happen without a power of attorney/mandate

If you were to suddenly become incapacitated, by a stroke for example, and you did not have a Power of Attorney/Mandate, your family would have to apply to the provincial government or courts to have someone appointed to manage your affairs. This could be an expensive and lengthy process, often taking weeks or even months.

Simply put, a Power of Attorney/Mandate can help make the best of a difficult situation and is essential to your estate plan.


Your notary representing you in court

Do you need the court to homologate a protection mandate or to probate the will of a recently deceased loved one?Would you like to appeal for protective supervision? Lamarre & De Riggi can make these non- contentious—in other words, non-disputed—requests to the court on your behalf. Our legal expertise enables us to ensure that the process is carried out in compliance with all related provisions, thus avoiding delays and complications. Contact us to take advantage of our services.


Living in a common law union?

Nowadays, many couples decide to live together without getting married or entering into a civil union. Common law unions, also known as de facto unions, are a definite trend in Quebec, where nearly 38% of couples have chosen to live in this type of partnership, compared to 11.11% for the rest of Canada. They number over 1,400,000 people.

The results of a survey commissioned by the Chambre des notaires du Québec has confirmed our suspicions: couples living in common law unions believe that they have the same protection as married couples in the event of death or separation.

Yet, this is not the case.


Notarized documents

At Lamarre & De Riggi we can notarize your documents. We will sign and stamp your document, certifying that they have either witnessed a signature, or made a certified true copy of an original document.


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